Saturday, 22 September 2012

Karama! Journeys through the Arab Spring, by Johnny West

Decent read for anyone wanting to get a feel for the thoughts, feelings and aspirations of those on the ground - in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya - who took part in the Arab uprising last year. Though the book is not conclusive as to why exactly the protests succeeded this time round in toppling those in power (Mohammed Bouazizi and Khalid Said cited as catalysts in the case of Tunisia and Egypt respectively) nor where these three nations are headed (creating jobs and restoring order cited as high concerns), it can't be held as a criticism of the book as that is not the author's objective. I found the first two parts on Tunisia and Egpyt much better reads than the third part on Libya, which seemed rushed and contained less characters (and more facts and stats and stuff!) than the first two parts. Overall: good, simple to read, easy to follow insight into some of the thoughts, feelings and aspirations of those on the ground before, during and immediately following the uprising.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No guts, no glory

Know guts. Know glory.

(Nice play on words I saw somewhere a few days back [can't remember where] and stuck in my head.)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Pakistan: A Personal History, by Imran Khan

An absolute must-read for anyone interested in Pakistan and the surrounding region, or Imran Khan for that matter! Good mix of Imran Khan's personal biography with that of Pakistan. Shocking - albeit a tad comical - to read about Pakistan's succession of corrupt leaders since inception. Yet, at the same time, hugely impressive to read about Imran's achievements in his life, his philosophies on success, his balance of religion and his ideas for Pakistan: justice, fairness and anti-corruption of course high up on the agenda. If he continues with the integrity he has demonstrated thus far in his political career, he certainly has my vote! (were I eligible to vote!!)