Sunday, 9 May 2010

Self Profile for Noor Ul Islam Trust

I was asked to say a few words about myself (background, where I live, work/study etc) and my involvement with Noor Ul Islam Trust for a Governance folder being prepared...

My name is Adil Hussain, just turned 26 at the time of writing (the youngest member of the board of trustees in age, though not the youngest if judged by energy!). I am a resident of the Leyton area and indeed live just a short two-minute walk from Noor Ul Islam Masjid. I am currently pursuing and nearing the end of a PhD in Computing at Imperial College London insha-Allah. I was heavily involved with my university Islamic Society during my undergraduate years and, towards the end of that commitment, began a few small projects with the kind permission of the then trustee board at Noor Ul Islam. Alhamdulillah, with the guidance of older trustees and the unrelenting commitment of our youth group members these projects have continued and grown over the years. As head of the youth group I was asked to sit in on the trustee board to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of the workings of the trust, and to start to get involved in serving the community on a grander scale, and so here I am :)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Umm... Err... Erm...

When delivering a public talk or sermon, better to be silent whilst you gather your thoughts rather than mumbling on!