Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Future of MMA Video...

... the Ruffo brothers (aged 8 and 9). Must Watch!

"Their [school] grades are really high... They're not bullies. They know the difference when they're at the gym and when they're at school... Education first and then martial arts. That's the priorities we set with them..."


Video is 10 minutes. Intriguing.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

It is what I do now that defines me / Sacrifice

Inspiring article, whatever your opinion of Imran Khan and as old as the article is. Couldn't decide what to quote - all so quotable - so did the easy thing and picked out the lesson summaries...

"Life Lesson One: Believe in yourself and trust your own judgement, not that of others."

"Life Lesson Two: It says in the Koran: 'Keep the money you need and give the rest away'."

"Life Lesson Three: Do not fear death. Once you do not fear death, you are liberated from all fears and can achieve all your goals."

(Source: Article entitled 'What I do now fulfils me like never before' about Imran Khan dated August 6th 2006)

Link to article:

Link to another article entitled 'Playing for the biggest stakes of his life' dated December 8th 2008, though doesn't pack as much punch:

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Universities and Islam... and Engineers!

"... A forthcoming book by Steffen Hertog, a sociologist, will argue that terrorists include a high number of engineers—not because of their need for bomb-making skills, but perhaps because of a mindset that likes rigidity and binary choices..."

(Source: January 9th 2010 issue of The Economist, article entitled 'Universities and Islam: Hearts, minds and Mecca - The rising profile of Muslim students in the Western world')


Link to article below. Critical. As one would expect from The Economist when reporting on Islam/Muslims. Worth reading.


Monday, 8 February 2010

Trial/Conviction of Aafia Siddique

"... The case raises more questions than answers. Not least of all, why a Pakistani national is on trial in New York for a crime committed in an Afghan police station."

(Source: Al Jazeera English)

Note that the trial/conviction was not regarding her involvement in terrorism but rather her alleged seizing and firing of an interviewer's gun during interrogation.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Afghanistan / 50 dollars

American Soldier A: "Why did President Obama take so long to announce his plan for Afghanistan? "

American Soldier B: "Maybe because his exit strategy had to be translated from the original Russian."

(Source: KAL's cartoon in the November 26th issue of The Economist, link below)


ps. See Dispatches video in comment...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Iraq / 25 dollars 95 cents


"Price of off-the-shelf software used by Iraqi insurgents to intercept live video feeds from US Predator drones."

(Source: Wired, March 2010 issue)