Saturday, 30 August 2008

JIMAS - Quotes for Ramadhan

Some quotes for Ramadhan taken from various talks during last weekend's JIMAS conference:
  1. Some things to try improve upon this Ramadhan: prayer (increasing Khushoo/attentiveness, avoiding distractions etc), modesty (lowering gaze etc), dhikr (increasing time spent in the remembrance of Allah).
  2. Ramadhan: A month of *sacrifice*? Better word is *deposit*. Or better yet: *investment*.
  3. Ramadhan is the month of training.
  4. The only thing that belongs to you is your good deeds. The money that you give in charity is a part of you, forever.
  5. Charity brings success. You will find much such advice in many self-help business-manuals (written by non-religious authors).
  6. Iftaar: Invite the poor to join you. Serve others before yourself when eating. Keep refilling others' plates without them having to request it.

JIMAS - Random Categorisations and Quotes

Some random categorisations and quotes taken from various talks during last weekend's JIMAS conference:
  1. The best advice for anyone and everyone: Fear Allah.
  2. The 4 pillars of Kufr (disbelief): Pride, Envy, Anger, Arrogance.
  3. The 3 evil figures in Islam: Iblees, Fir'awn, Ad-Dajjaal.
  4. The 4 CEO (Chaos Of Everything) forces: (i) the devilish pull/whisperings of Shaytaan (satan); (ii) the Nafs (lower soul); (iii) the Dunya (world) - its worldliness and material pull; (iv) Hawaa' (whims/desires/passions). Our Jihad (striving) is against these 4 things.
  5. Only a hypocrite feels himself safe from hypocrisy.
  6. "Shari'ah! Shari'ah! Chopping of hands!" we hear. Man, relax! That's just for thieves.
  7. This Deen was shouldered by the young ones and sharpened by the wisdom of the elders.

JIMAS - Quotes on Good Manners and Character

Some quotes about good manners and character taken from various talks during last weekend's JIMAS conference:

  1. People of character bring about victory.
  2. Sometimes good manners means we put up with others' bad manners.
  3. In an incident revealed in the Qur'an, Ibrahim (peace be upon him) welcomes/invites some guests even though he doesn't know them and he brings them a large, quality amount of food immediately, without even asking them. An incident to reflect upon.
  4. Guests: Don't ask if they want to eat. You know, out of politeness, they're going to say no. Just bring it.
  5. The saying "serve yourself" does not translate in Arabic. Try it: "ikhdim nafsak". "ikhdim nafsak"?! In the Arabic language and Arab culture, it comes across just plain bizarre.
  6. Feed and assist others for the sake of Allah (SWT). Not to be compensated. To remind of a good deed done is Haram. Severly disliked. A kind word is much better.
  7. Two people (characteristics) loved by Allah: a person who is kind/forbearing and a person who takes time to deliberate.
  8. Some characteristics come natural to a person. Others have to be learned/acquired.
  9. From your good character are qualities like patience and forgiveness.
  10. Mercy: He who doesn't show it, will not receive it.
  11. Our so-called "practice" of Islam becomes a barrier for people accepting it.
  12. "The Prophet's (SAWS) character was the Qur'an" means that the Qur'an is full of character.
  13. Don't make comments like "Oh, you're not married yet?" or "You've put on a bit of weight" or such things. It can be very hurtful for the other person.
  14. Treat your family good, parents in particular. It is a good measure of whether your good behaviour outside the house is just for show. Treat the womenfolk gently.

JIMAS - Quotes on Belief

Some quotes about belief taken from various talks during last weekend's JIMAS conference:

  1. Spirituality is liked in the secular world because it denies the (existence of the) devil.
  2. Take a walk in the countryside (and marvel at the beauty) if you don't believe in God.
  3. Science can only answer *how* Allah created the earth. Religion answers *why*.
  4. We don't invent new names/titles for Allah, e.g. "the artist", "the engineer" etc. We stick to those that He (SWT) has revealed to us.
  5. When you create something and programme it to obey you, and it does, that shows the greatness of the creator. When you create something and it *chooses* to obey you, that is something else, wallahu akbar.

JIMAS Conference 2008 - Notes

Thought I would share some of my notes from last weekend's JIMAS conference, the theme of which was 'Believing in Allah, Striving for excellence'.

I have merged my notes from the various talks, split them into four sections and will put them up as four separate posts insha-Allah, as follows: (i) belief, (ii) good manners and character, (iii) random categorisations and quotes, and (iv) Ramadhan.

The best advice of all, on the final day, I do not quote. That I cannot re-capture. Those were words from/for the heart, not from/for paper. May Allah bless our Shuyookh.

Friday, 29 August 2008

13, The Bad Consequences of the Tongue

Title: Shaykh Ahmad Zamzani's Advice on the Bad Consequences of the Tongue
Publisher: JIMAS (Third reprint, October 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 38

Fabulous piece of advice that is almost guaranteed to have you talking less by the end of it. Get it, read it and act accordingly. With Ramadhan, the month of constraint, around the corner, now could not be a better time.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Me and My Slam Man - Video

Slam Man! A great way to release negative energy, like laziness and the desire to sleep. A £100 well spent in my opinion.

ps. You have to love the recording. That's my younger cousin Hamid. May Allah bless him.